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May 12, 2022
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Indulge in Kristian J’s delicious pop

The rising Korean-American artist is back with a new single, Good Shit (On My Counter), an unusual yet exceptional mix between somber lyrics and a dance-pop melody.

Queer Korean-American singer and songwriter Kristian J has been making his way into the pop scene, and we’re here for it. Originally from Pennsylvania, the artist has been living in the US, Korea, and more recently Mexico, influenced by each of his stops.

If music was always a part of his life growing up, it took him a long way to make it his career. From the choir and classical piano lessons to pop music classes, his dedication to a genre that always inspired him led him to pursue it full time. After graduating from Columbia in anthropology and linguistics, he decided to focus solely on music, betting on odd jobs to survive.

Working as an independent wasn’t an easy thing to do, but Kristian J managed to release singles and even a full EP, YANG-A-CHI, in 2021. His experiences living in different countries helped him shape his view and career, juggling very different music industries. Living for two years in Korea, where most of his family live, he faced a more restrictive and formalized industry. In the US, in a flow of new artists, he faced the difficulty of finding room and resonance. Now in Mexico city, he is inspired by the openness of its queer community

Inspired by pop icons like Lady Gaga, Kristian J uses his dreams as his source primal source of creation. This makes up for an interesting mix, that is particularly well illustrated by his new single, “Good Shit (On My Counter)”. The electro-pop track recounts the hardships of trying to forget your past, sometimes through unhealthy practices. As it is always difficult to get a platform as a young artist without many resources, we encourage you to support his journey through his socials and stream Good Shit (On My Counter) on your favorite platform!


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