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September 19, 2021
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Naomi Lareine Is The New Face Of Lesbian RnB And We Are Loving It

‘Señorita just relax, let me take care of the rest.’

Naomi Lareine is a Swiss rhythm and blues singer, musician and songwriter. Her new song ‘Piña Colada’ just came out and we are obsessed with it! The rhythm is catchy, the voice sensual and it is the perfect song if, like us, you are not ready to kiss summer goodbye just yet!

Discovered by the rapper Noizy, the RnB singer quickly established herself in the Swiss music industry. Her 2019 debut album, ‘Unchained’, led her to be chosen by the Swiss national radio as ‘SRF 3 Best Talent’ at the Swiss Music Awards 2020. Since then, she has performed in major Swiss music festivals and released a number of singles.

Naomi exclusively sings about lesbian love story in her songs - a refreshing change in the RnB genre, if you ask us. Whether it is more sensual, like in ‘Issa Vibe’ or just a summer fling, as in ‘Piña Colada’, her tone is always right.

You can check out some of her hits down below!


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