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May 3, 2022
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Amaroun takes off for a cathartic journey with her new album, Mars

Amaroun is coming soon with her debut album celebrating Black Queer Joy. With already two enchanting singles released, we’re expecting Mars to be our go-to while recharging in this spring sun.

Based in South London, Amaroun is a young British Jamaican singer, songwriter, and producer. Making her debut in 2016 with her single, “Bed Bugs”, the artist is expected to release her first album next month.

Starting music through the church, where she would go sing every Sunday, Amaroun quickly embraced this media, joining a band as she was still in school. She now uses music as a unique catharsis, a therapeutic journey of endless growth. If she took a long time to release her first album as she was waiting for the right moment, she was far from unproductive these past years. In 2019, she even released one song a month throughout the whole year.

And now Amaroun is ready with “Mars”, an album she hopes will help others to find the joy in their identities, as it did for her. Amaroun chose this title as she felt her journey as an independent artist was quite alien. In the album, she explores self-acceptance, self-love, race, and sexuality.

Two singles have been released, that you can already listen to on your favorite streaming platform. “Brown Skin Beauty” is an ode to self-love, a reminder to be kind to yourself that feels like a reassuring lullaby. Also dealing with her experience of coming out, the track comes with a self-direct music video. “Orchid” is a love song of a special kind, an invite to grow together while giving the other space, a beautiful reminder to live in the moment. If both songs are really soft, Amaroun teased that some of the other album’s tracks will be more upbeat and powerful. Enough to keep us really excited for the release.

To patiently wait until June, scroll down below to discover the music videos released so far. You can also support Amaroun on her Patreon!


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