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July 5, 2023
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Lil Nas X Calls Switzerland By Their Name #MJF2023

He came straight from Stockholm to give a powerful debut at Montreux Jazz. Lil Nas X brought his signature style and infectious energy to the stage, leaving the Swiss (and not Swedish as many struggle with...) crowd in awe. After a wait of heavy anticipation facing an impressive stage set-up halfway between a farm and a bouncy castle, Lil Nas X finally appeared and did not disappoint.

As the music began to pulse through the speakers, Lil Nas X's voice echoed across the venue, urging the audience to let go and embrace the moment. "I need you to let go and have fun, I don't care who is next to you. I need you to move like a snake!" he exclaimed, igniting a surge of excitement throughout the crowd. Followed by a team of eight incredible dancers, the festival-goers were invited to match their energy - as hard as that was with a bar that high. 

As the beats dropped and the rhythms pulsated through the air, Lil Nas X continued to captivate with his seamless blend of genres and infectious hooks. With dance interludes made up of iconic pop mashups and a voguing break, his performance transcended expectations, demonstrating his versatility. What shocked us was his ability to engage with an audience more diverse than we would have believed: The average age in the venue was far from the 25 we would have set, and a rapid look around was enough to spot one or two grandmas dancing vigorously. 

In between songs, Lil Nas X shared his admiration for Swiss landscapes, mentioning, "This is my first time here. You have beautiful water, beautiful mountains... I might have to move out here...! There are so many cute boys out here too..." A cheeky selfie posted from the balcony of the Palace this morning, the festival and hills behind, echoing his words.

Behind the rapid succession of his best singles was a meticulously crafted set, creating an almost dreamlike atmosphere for the concert. A giant horse as “Old Town Road” began, a mysterious bird, and a giant minotaur, everything was thought through to blend Lil Nas X’s cowboy and mythological aesthetics in an electric cocktail reminding us of queer references from “Brokeback Mountain” to Achilles and Patroclus. 

If the performance itself was a bit short, Lil Nas X's debut at the Montreux Jazz Festival was nothing but extraordinary. His ability to merge genres, engage the audience, and deliver unforgettable performances solidified his status as a visionary artist and all that at only 24.

Images courtesy of Thea Moser


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