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February 15, 2022
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There Is Nothing Torraine Futurum Cannot Do

We have already talked about these people who can do just about anything they set out to do. Well, Torraine Futurum is definitely one of those people. Bear with us as we tell you all about her awesome work!

How can we give you a clear picture of the incredible Torraine Futurum? Model, activist, influencer and singer, she is doing it all and refuses to restrict herself to just one means of expression. 

She was first found on Instagram by fashion photographer Ethan James Green in 2016. And after that, well, it was a straight path to the runway (pun intended). Since then, Torraine has walked for Gogo Graham and Vaquera at the New York Fashion Week (we told you she was incredible!). 

She has also appeared in the work of fashion photographers, like Petra Collins. The name might be familiar: we have indeed written a little piece about this amazing photographer who brings her female gaze into her work - you know, stepping out of the sexualizing and infantilizing male gaze and all the fun things you endure under the patriarchy. 

But back to Torraine, then. Our latest obsession is her singing career. Following her debut album in 2018, she has directed her own music video for the song ‘Unclaimed Perfection, Babygirl’. The result will hit you right in the feels. When asked about it, she has answered: 

‘I guess it’s about me being a sad girl and writing about some sad shit’ (, April 2018) - and, honestly, we feel you, girl.

If you love her musical universe, good news because she has a new EP that has come out just this year and love it! Especially as she has been addressing non-monogamy, as well as the insecurities and jealousy that can come with it - far from the breezy and glamorous we are often being sold.  

Overall, Torraine is very vocal about her experience as a Black trans woman, using her social media as a platform for her activism. If you ask her about her struggles, she will simply tell you she is a superhero (, April 2018). And quite frankly, we are really starting to believe her!

So, scroll down below to discover some of her gorgeous modeling work, as well as her songs. 

Photo credits: Ethan James Green


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