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Chosen Family

The bonds between friends can be both healing and life-changing for Queer persons. Some friendships become strong and when our stories intertwine through memories, dinners, outings, our photos become family albums.

We were debating in the office about a future LGBTQIA+ family campaign, when Em brought up the topic of chosen families I thought it would be a great starting point for this first editorial of the magazine, which defines itself as a Queer and Feminist home. The chosen family is a place without judgment. A place where you feel safe, true to yourself. It's a place where you don't have to be small, act or pretend. 

My parents kept telling me that there was nothing more important than « the blood family » and that in difficult times you could only rely on them. I would like to prove them wrong. This year I got sick and some days I couldn't walk anymore, financially crushed by the medical expenses, without me asking anything, many of « my friends » offered me their help without anything in return. I felt like I was in a home filled with kindness and true love. At that moment I understood that I had a chosen family. 

With the holidays approaching, you will be able to discover articles related to these varied but ultimately so ordinary families.

Cover: Ballad by Nan Goldin