Nakhane non-binary singer
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September 10, 2021
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Let Yourself Be Transported By Nakhane’s Enchanting Voice

Nakhane is a non-binary, multi-disciplinary and talented artist.

They were born in South Africa into a strictly religious community. After coming out as gay, they were subjected to conversion therapy, which made them question their faith. Nakhane soon left the church for good and started a music career with their debut album ‘Brave Confusion’.

Their music is intimate, heavily influenced by their childhood, queerness and personal life. Their deep, vibrating voice over the pulsing beats pulls you in like a magnet. Immerse yourself in Nakhane’s world with ‘Interloper’, our absolute favorite, in which they sing about coming to terms with your partner’s sexual past.

A polymath author and actor, you can also catch Nakhane in South-African movie ‘The Wound’, streaming on Amazon Prime.

Photo credits: Terry Hatchett


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