Bonnie Banane French alternative R&B singer
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Bonnie Banane
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November 3, 2022
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Bonnie Banane's eclectic and alternative universe

Bonnie Banane is an artist you're bound to be seduced by, it is a promise.

On the scene for more than ten years now, French musician Bonnie Banane never ceases to surprise and seduce her audience. The artist has, through the years, experimented and delivered more than authentic pieces- whether alone or through collaborations.
Her visuals are moving; she always takes us into her singular and eclectic world. It is mystical and fascinating, and her words carry poetic playfulness.
As a protagonist in the niche and closed milieu that's french alternative R&B, she takes a stance and presents herself unapologetically so.
She dances around her songs, whether in french or English and manages to convey intense and intimate feelings.
Every feature she has done captured her singularity and offered a perfect symbiotic experience with names such as Flavien Berger, Varnish la Piscine, Jazzy Bazz, or even Myth Syzer - La crème of the french speaking musical landscape.
She plays around with theatrics and themes of derision, love, and melancholy in her songs—a fresh approach to the niche genre that is French R&B.
The shows are visual journeys; she sets her character in a scene and offers an experience way beyond a concert. A true shapeshifter when it comes to performances and music - A young musician not afraid to freshen things up and reinvent themselves. Proof in her latest EP S.O.S, where she tuned to a more jungle Genre.
Honey, like timbre and epic tales, grotesque and surrealist, all beautiful and mesmerizing, that is bonnie Banane art for you.

Photographic courtesy goes to Alex Brunet, Mr Miyamor, Pierre-Ange Carlotti and Sullivan Gumb


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