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April 19, 2022
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Embrace yourself and connect to others with Jessye DeSilva’s new album

As spring is finally here and nature invites us out again, Jessye DeSilva’s new album ‘landscapes” will be your best hiking companion through the mountains of healing and self-acceptance.

Released last week, ‘landscapes’, Jessye DeSilva’s second album, closes a chapter in the artist’s life to open a new one on brighter sceneries.

The young assistant professor of voice at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music offers us a unique queer indie-folk creation, an invitation to reconcile your past and present over warm vocals and soft instrumentals. On the feathery sound of a piano and woody guitar riffs, Jessye DeSilva brings up difficult yet essential topics.

Written post-lockdowns after months of forced introspection, ‘landscapes’ discuss depression and anxiety with honesty but hope. Jessye DeSilva’s voice feels like a comforting fire after a long cold walk, a lighted house in a somber forest. If other difficult subjects are addressed, like heartbreak, trauma, and identity, Desilva manages to open up with softness and optimism. Community is at the heart of his new creation, a word that can take many meanings.

Different meanings that Jessye DeSilva covers in two songs, discussing the notion of family in its variety of definitions. Family is indeed at the core of the lyrics, whether it is a blood or chosen one. In ‘Devil in New Jersey’, they recall their childhood in a Baptist household. The religious trauma of growing up in a conservative family as a queer child is brilliantly evoked throughout the song, and is a motif within the album. DeSilva’s childhood finds itself within the lyrics, but also the musical inspirations through the ‘70s rock their parents used to listen to. A healing process, a reconciliation with their childhood, ‘landscapes’ makes peace with the artist's past. In ‘Family Tree’, DeSilva celebrates chosen family and its importance for queer people. A full circle, a broad embrace of their close ones, the album is a love invite, towards yourself and others. Scroll down below to discover the official video of 'Siren Song', the opening song of the album, and listen to ‘landscapes on your favorite streaming platform!


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