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Raveena Aurora
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June 29, 2021
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Raveena's 'Headaches' is giving us immaculate bisexual vibes

We go to sleep at night and pray that we wake up in one of Raveena’s music videos.

Her world is rich, soft and enticing, painted with dreamy colors and electrified by smooth beats. The young American musician incorporates her traditional Indian roots into contemporary R&B, adds some retro visuals and queerness on top and voilà *chef's kiss* we just eat it up!

Raveena not only writes her own songs but she is also the creative director of her music videos. One of our absolute favorites is ‘Headaches’ in which she sings about a summer love type of romance with a girl. Raised in a South-Asian family, she often felt her bisexuality did not mix with her culture. And look at her now! ⁠

By the way, listen to her latest single ‘Tweety’ now!⁠

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