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Lean Chihiro
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June 29, 2021
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Lean Chihiro, the manga girl of french rap music

As a vegan I’m hoping I would get along well with Lean Chihiro, seeing as she’s a rapper… and might have beef with me.

But more seriously, she is one of the biggest, and youngest, rappers blowing up right now so how could we not be obsessed! Between the cool French attitude, the stereotype-breaking style and feminist icons such as Missy Elliott or Lauryn Hill that inspired her, she’s exactly what the world needed!

She is pursuing her own dreams while reappropriating feminism in the best way possible: “I am not willing to do everything in my power to attract the male gaze. I want to show a realistic female representation and not men’s fantasy.”

Have the best Sunday possible by listening to her album Teenage Humanoid and tell us in the comments which song is your favourite (spoiler alert: our favourite is Nuit, where she slipped in a few French words) .

Photo credits: Charlotte Abramow


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