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July 16, 2021
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A Queer And Female DJ Is Making Us Dance All Night

We’d dance the night away with Shamsa

⁠Originally from Jordan, this female DJ is shaking up the Berlin nightlife with her tunes. She plays western house music mixed with Arabic beats, taking inspiration from 90s Arabic pop, old-school house, but also jazz and disco. Shamsa describes DJing as a liberating experience that helped her find who she really is.⁠

For her, “being queer is rather about the state of consciousness than it is of sexual preference…”. Being one of the few female electronic DJs in Jordan, she kind of had to pave her own way to establish herself. Her chosen artist name, Shamsa means Sun and she does live up to it by being full of light and energy!

Catch her music on Soundcloud and have yourself a party in your living room this Friday night!⁠


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