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Hannah Müller-Hillebrand
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November 5, 2021
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Meet Hannah: feminist and queer artist and content creator

When you stumble across Instagram accounts such as Hannah’s, you have to admit it is true: some people really can do it all.

Hannah is a Berlin-based yoga teacher and artist. But she is also a feminist and queer activist, using her platform to advocate for more tolerance. One thing she focuses on is body image, and especially weight gain. We all know just how much fatphobia affects society as a whole, from mental health to physical health and access to jobs and medical care. Hanna is here to show you that weight gain is not a bad thing and that bodies come in all shapes and forms.

NB: If fatphobia is a topic you wish to know more about, you can also have a look at Shoog McDaniel’s and Katydid These’s projects.

Hannah also tackles topic such as bisexuality, the right to do what you want with your body, and abortion rights. But she is not only a content creator and yoga teacher, she also paints. Her work ‘addresses the connection of humans and nature from a feminist perspective. Our lifestyle, the way we see our bodies, or inner voices detach more and more from our true wild nature’.

Hannah’s purpose is to help us connect with our intuitive nature to encourage self-healing. So, if this is something that speaks to you, you might want to check her work or one of her yoga classes. And you know what? We can show you both. Just browse down below!

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