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Anna, Charlotte, and Saskia
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March 26, 2024
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WET: Empowering the Female-Led Clubbing Scene

Nightlife offers spaces for people to express themselves and create a community. However, many events are not inclusive, leaving some people without a place. WET is a female-led clubbing scene that focuses on creating a welcoming environment for queer women in the clubbing scene.

WET is not just a party, it's a movement that originated in Vienna and Berlin since 2017. Anna, Charlotte, and Saskia founded WET to address the lack of explicitly lesbian nightlife options. They were inspired by their own experiences navigating the club culture and set out on a mission to create a space where queer women could gather, dance freely, and feel empowered.

They embarked on a journey after realizing the sexism within the clubbing scene noting that while there are many parties for gay men, there are not many for gay women. This realization inspired them to take action and create a solution to fill the void they saw in the community. WET was born as a party for women seeking connection, camaraderie, and great music.

The WET goal is not just about providing entertainment for queer women, but it's also about representation and empowerment. Saskia reflects on the booking statistics that show a significant underrepresentation of female DJs. She asserts that equality has not been served in this regard and emphasizes the need to promote and uplift female artists in a male-dominated industry. Through WET, they aim to challenge patriarchal structures and amplify the voices of women in electronic music.

Although they faced many obstacles, the journey was worthwhile. Saskia and their team were met with criticism from both inside and outside the LGBTQ+ community, which tested their determination. One of the major concerns raised was skepticism about the feasibility of a party that caters specifically to lesbians. Nevertheless, they remained steadfast and continued with their mission to establish a secure and inclusive environment for their community.

WET has implemented an innovative solution to ensure a balanced and inclusive environment primarily for queer women. The solution is the introduction of a guest list for male-identifying attendees. By actively managing the guest list, WET is committed to providing a safe and affirming space for all attendees.

WET is a movement that is continuously growing and benefiting more than just the dance floor. It demonstrates how grassroots activism can make a difference and how marginalized communities can be resilient. Saskia, a member of WET, highlights the importance of their work, which empowers those who participate and resist societal norms. She acknowledges the significance of their efforts in challenging existing social structures and believes that it is an empowering experience.

Anna, Charlotte, and Saskia are dedicated and passionate individuals who are reshaping the clubbing scene and paving the way for a more inclusive and fair future. By championing the voices of queer women, WET serves as a testament to the transformative power of community and solidarity.


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