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September 16, 2021
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This Instagram Account Feeds Us The Queer Memes We Needed

Look, you definitely love memes. And queer stuff. So here is one of our latest discovery: an Instagram account entirely devoted to queer memes.

‘Being_lgbt’ does pretty much what it says on the label. It takes all the weird and confusing parts about being queer and makes them into memes. Hard hitting truths and semi-decent graphics are definitely hallmarks of the dank memes that we all know and love. Dank, relatable, whatever new words we are using for today’s cool memes.

But the account does not stop there. With daily reminders to drink your water, take your meds and wash your hands, they are already doing better than most meme pages. Plus, we should never underestimate how good it feels to be part of a community and to be able to relate to others’ experiences - even if these experiences are told in the form of memes.

‘Being_lgbt’ definitely reaches stratospheric levels when we include the name game that periodically opens up on their page. A game where people, trans, non-binary, or really even cis people can have their new name chosen by the users. Do you want a name that is masc but not too masc? A feminine name that is also short? Or maybe just anything but Alex? Then you too could enjoy the name game!

Not to forget one of our favorite templates, the bingos: they have pansexual bingo, agender bingo, bigender bingo, polyamory bingo, asexual bingo, trans bingo and so on. They write down sentences that we have all heard a million times and put them on a grid. All you have to do is tick the boxes as people give their opinion on a subject they do not master. How fun!

Image credits: Being_lgbt


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