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October 19, 2021
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Pozqueer Is Bringing Ballroom Culture To Poland

Thinking nothing queer is happening in Poland? Well, you are wrong. Today’s project is about queerness, extravaganza, balls and Poland.

Pozqueer is the one stop shop for queer ball culture in Poland. After a couple of years showing off online, they have re-started their customary fashion defining balls, inviting foreign houses and drag stars from all over the world.

But it is not only about the glitz and glamour. In fact, their balls are always held for a good cause. The collective’s efforts in research are very real, and always aim to create a better situation for queer people in Poland.

Their show ‘Plac Wolności’ experimented with mixing performance and research in the best possible way. They shared everyone’s image of a utopian queer house. Think of your very own dream doll house and now populate it with drag queens and queers of all sorts. Now, imagine someone is willing to use it in their show and you get why pozqueer is necessary in this world.

Pozqueer raises funds for emergency situations in the country or the bordering area in Belarus. They never hesitate to get the message out there and share their profits with the people who need it most.


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