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Shoog McDaniel
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September 28, 2021
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Meet Shoog McDaniel, non-binary queer photographer and fat activist

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. And through Shoog’s lens, everything is beautiful.

Shoog McDaniel is an American photographer focusing their art on queerness and fatness. They do not just show a few rolls here and there and call it body positivity. They really work to represent all the bodies, even those society tries to erase. Their definition of fatness englobes far more body types than plus size models who still have tiny waists and big breasts. As they say:

‘I want to see someone that has a huge front belly and no butt modeling clothes. Of course, everything takes time but it just almost seems like a cop out. [Especially when you consider how a lot of fat models are photographed.] Like all the angles in the photos are taken from slightly elevated angles to make them look smaller. And they are airbrushed, so there's no dimples, there's no stretch marks. But all that kind of stuff is important and that's what I like to highlight, because it's real.’ (TeenVogue, 2017)

Shoog’s art shows people as they are and never tries to make them fit social norms of beauty. The result is colorful, vibrant and authentic. It is a portal to escape the real world and step into the kingdom of queerness and nature.

Embark on this incredible journey with us and browse through Shoog’s work down below!

Photo credits: Shoog McDaniel

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