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November 12, 2021
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All Bodies Have The Right To Exist As They Are: Amber’s Message

Beauty and diet cultures have been forced upon all of us. We have all seen impossible beauty standards and often tried to compress, modify, hide or change our bodies to fit them. Well, no more.

Today’s project is brought to you by Amber Dawn. This Australian curve model is adamant about making you feel at ease and comfortable in your own skin. And it is with this goal in mind that she has founded an incredible Instagram account, ‘non airbrushed me’.

The principle is rather simple, yet too rarely seen on social media. People post their bodies raw and unedited. All of it. Even the parts that do not fit into society’s beauty narrative. Rolls, bumps, creases, stretch marks, you name it. All of it is celebrated. Because we are alive and there is so much our bodies can do. Also, traditional beauty is so last century.

In fact, Amber is so convinced of that, she has also opened a scouting modelling agency in Melbourne, focusing on diversity and inclusivity in the industry. Models of every race, gender, shape and ability are recruited, coached and supported by this agency of a new kind.

So, drop these absurd beauty standards, and browse the gallery down below to discover raw, unedited and diversified beauty. You will thank us later!


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