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January 25, 2023
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Queer Liberation Through Style: Shaneel Lal's Activism for Anti-Conversion Therapy

Activism through a unique approach to queer liberation: style. Interesting isn't it?

Shaneel Lal is of Indian-Fijian heritage and is based in New Zealand. Lal, is an anti-conversion therapy activist and style enthusiast who is using their passion for fashion to help bring about queer liberation.

Their activism centers around ending conversion therapy and creating safe spaces for queer people. Conversion therapy is a dangerous and discredited practice that attempts to alter a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. And have been a vocal advocate for its abolition, leading protests and speaking out against it.

Alongside their activism, Shaneel is also a passionate fashionista. They use their sense of style to express their identity and to make a statement about queer liberation. Shaneel Lal believes that fashion can be a powerful tool for queer liberation, and they are using it to reclaim their identity and create a sense of visibility and acceptance.

They have embraced gender non-conforming fashion, choosing to wear clothing that defies traditional gender norms. They often mix and match genderless pieces and vibrant colours to create unique looks. Lal says that wearing clothes that express their identity helps to make them feel seen and accepted and helps create a sense of community amongst queer people.

By embracing their own style, Shaneel Lal is helping to create a space in which queer people feel comfortable and accepted. They are showing that it's okay to be different and to express your identity without fear. Shaneel Lal is taking their activism to the streets, using fashion to spread the message of queer liberation.
Through their activism and their fashion, Shaneel Lal is helping to create a world in which queer people can embrace their identity and express themselves without fear.They are using their style to make a statement about queer liberation, and to create a space in which queer people can feel safe and accepted.

Through their work, Shaneel Lal is showing that fashion can be a powerful tool for queer liberation. They are inspiring others to embrace their identity and to express themselves without fear.

Images courtesy of Shaneel Lal


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