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November 13, 2021
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Meet Jo and Viv: Happily Married And Proud Plant Moms

You might remember the dream couple we posted about a while ago, Kristóf and Nimi, who live in Greece with their cats and vegan cooking recipes. Well, today, we have another dream couple to introduce: Jo and Viv!

4 years ago, Viv came from Portugal to London for a few months only. Or, so was the plan. But life is sometimes full of surprises and Viv met Jo, who was studying there. Long story short, Viv ended up staying a couple of years in London, until Jo graduated. And if that is not love…

Both of them now own an Instagram account on which they post about their life, their love, their marriage and their beloved plants. They really want to make a difference and to help normalize queer relationships. And we are all in for it - and we may or may not want them to adopt us.

They are now established in Poland, Jo’s birth place, and fighting for the rights of the queer community through representation. So, if you are having a tough time, we highly recommend you check their account and immerse yourself in the love, positivity and happiness they share!

You can also browse the gallery down below, to get a better idea of their content. Enjoy!


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