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Zurich Sunday Tea Party
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July 28, 2022
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Revolution in a cup

Anyone want a cure for the Sunday Scaries? There’s only one way to beat it and it’s with a tea dance party.
Born in the roaring 60’s at a time where gay people were forbidden by law from every mainstream club and bar in the US. LGBTQ+ people were looking for an alternative to clubs and alcohol fueled parties. There was a need to create a safe and open environment in which the community could come together and celebrate. And so the Sunday tea movement naturally arose. First taking place in the Cherry Grove or Fire Island the word rapidly got around and it increased in popularity week by week.
By claiming this space and owning it, it quickly rose to a legendary status. It certainly continued to rage throughout the 70's and 80's, attracting even celebrities such as the great singers or actors of the time.
Although the habit has been lost in time, it has recently re-emerged with the need for more inclusive and relaxed party habits. The goal is to make the encounter with your peers more organic and to facilitate the conversation in the community. Plus, you can have all the fun while avoiding a hangover or sleep deprivation the next day!
Even better news is that the tea party has been taking place since late 2019 in Zurich. Since then, it has become an essential part of the Zurich LGBTQ+ scene. We attended one during pride last month and took a few clichés. We can honestly attest that the original spirit has been kept alive and it has been a great opportunity to have fun, socialize and of course drink a marvelous cup of tea!

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