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February 27, 2022
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Time to talk about sex, queerness, and disability with Andrew Gurza

'I have sex, get over it.’

If you have never heard of Andrew Gurza, we're here to correct that. The disability awareness consultant has been fighting for years to draw attention to sexuality and disability. Born with cerebral palsy, Andrew Gurza has been using a wheelchair since his childhood. Their queerness is a big part of their identity, and an aspect that intertwines with their disability.

In the queer community, and especially the gay community, ableist beauty standards are the norms. Disabled people are rarely if ever represented. As a result, they are subjected to a lot of fetichism. The sexuality of disabled people is also something that is refused to them, refused to be seen, which leads to a lack of access to sexual education and good sexual health care. These issues and much more are what Andrew Gurza is trying to fight against. 

Their podcast, 'Disability after dark' is what you need to listen to now. They focus on sexuality and disability, a subject still surrounded by discomfort and misinformation.

The podcast, which started in 2016 and is still going on strong now, more broadly discusses the intersections of ableism, racism, sexism, and LGBTIQ+ phobia. With a new special guest in each episode, 'Disability after dark' examines a wide range of subjects, from medical gaslighting to disabled porn. 381 episodes of captivating talks waiting for you on your favorite streaming platform!


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