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Naomi Alderman
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September 10, 2021
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Feminist Book Recommendation Of The Day: The Power

Imagine a world where women have the power and men are afraid to walk home alone. The result is Naomi Alderman’s novel.

In ‘The Power’, young girls everywhere suddenly gain the ability to control electricity with a flick of their wrist. Many of them use it to escape domestic abuse, fight back against men and take control of their own destiny. However, with great power comes great responsibility...⁠

The Power sheds the light on the dangerous addictiveness of power. As men lose their physical advantage and roles are reversed, it is women’s turn to rule the world. And it does not come out pretty.

Part of Naomi’s reflection prior to writing the book was that women are not violent, not by choice or because they are inherently pacifist, but because they do not have the power to be violent. Her book is an exploration of what happens when women have the space and power to become violent. It is also a testimony of sorority and feminine support.

The novel won Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction in 2017. ⁠Have you read the book? Let us know what you think on our Instagram!

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