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October 10, 2021
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You haven’t been to a Beauty Blenda yet?

After a pandemic imposed hiatus, Haus of Gaishoku is back! Tokyo’s messy, queertastic cabaret is bringing back the iconic Beauty Blenda Balls that will have your head spinning in the best possible way. All of this, of course, with the responsible social distance and mask wearing.

We got queens and kings, queers and artists, voguers and electro dancers, contortionists and pole dancers. And that’s only on the first few billed artists. As the Haus says itself “It’s the most funnest fun-time cabaret show of anything and everything art that you’ll ever experience in Tokyo.” Actually they label it as ART in all caps so we’ll transmit that and let you derive whatever meaning you want from that.

With the pictures from the last few shows enviably plastered all over instagram we can only start looking for flights to Tokyo right now, and appreciate from a distance until then.

We’re open to all and ready for a party. If you're in the area, get yourself some tix-tix and come early because you’re gonna wanna be in the front row for all the wai-wai. No seriously, get a ticket because they go fast.

Image credits: Haus of Gaishoku


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