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September 20, 2021
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Ursula Major’s Supermonster Drag Outfits Are Giving Us Life

Yes, that is right, it is a cyclops drag costume and it is worth a second look!

The fabulous outfit was sported by Ursula Major, International Performance Queer and self-described Bodypostive Carebear, recently moved to Salt Lake City. Since then, Ursula has become an essential part of the queer community in the region.

‘Part of us moving was about creating more queer beacons for others to follow. Being in LA, there was plenty of that, plenty of places to go. But creating more spaces and opportunities here was ultimately more important.’

Ursula competed in the first season of The Boulet Brothers' Drag Race, titled ‘The Boulet Brothers DRAGULA: Search for the World's First Drag Supermonster’ in 2016. She has a very long experience of turning herself into drag supermonsters - which is not very surprising, considering the amount of experience and work her cyclop costume must have required!

Ursula now entertains guests at Why Kiki, a Salt Lake City bar renowned for its weekly drag brunch. But beware: Ursula does not shy away from bleeding on stage. And spoiler alert: it is real blood!

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