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July 1, 2021
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This Bollywood Performer Is Dancing Away From Gender Stereotypes

Shiva danced their way to our the lead dancer of London School of Bollywood.

The LSB is made up of young, accomplished South-Asian performers who like to challenge the heteronormative narratives of Bollywood through dance. And their gender-bending surprise element is Shiva Raichandani slaying in a lehenga and bright lipstick. ⁠

Shiva is a nonbinary artist who takes the word ‘multidisciplinary’ VERY seriously: they are a choreographer, illustrator, content creator and filmmaker, too. We don’t know how they do it… They are currently working on Queer Parivaar a movie about the interfaith wedding of a queer couple. Can’t wait to see it!⁠

Photos credits: sweta

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