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October 30, 2021
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EatSlayLove Vienna Is Bringing The Ballroom Culture To Austria

Grab your best shoes and the shiniest outfit you own, because tonight we are going dancing!

You might remember one of our recent posts on Rumi Von Baires, a queer DJ based in Vienna. Well, it seems like Vienna is the place to be these days if you are queer and love to party. Indeed, the capital is home to EatSlayLove, a landmark of a house on the ballroom scene.

The house is notably famous for its Fairy Tale Ball. Think dancing until 6AM. Think 15 ballroom categories. Think trophies and cash prizes. Think drag performances. How wonderful does it sound?

But EatSlayLove does more than organizing balls. They also offer numerous workshops, as well as brand and organization collaborations, hoping to help empower new artists. If you want to support them develop a platform for queer community and creativity, you can check their newly created Patreon!

And because images speak louder than words, we will leave you with a sneak peek of what EatSlayLove’s balls look like:

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