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December 18, 2021
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‘Compound Butter’: The Magazine Mixing Up Food And Activism

What about a reading recommendation? It has been a long time since we have talked about a magazine. Well, we are back with some quality readings!

‘Compound Butter’ is a magazine co-founded by two amazing people: Jaya Nicely, art director and illustrator from Los Angeles and Jessie Nicely, writer and chef from San Francisco. They worked together to produce this little gem, which comes out twice a year.

Each issue is devoted to a subject in particular: the two last ones have been titled ‘comfort’ and ‘our club’. Comfort was designed specifically for pandemic times and what you can do when you feel a little down. It features heart-warming recipes, self-care tips and all you need to know about Korean spas: it is basically concentrated softness.

And what to say about ‘Our Club’? It is a celebration of oppressed and silenced people, a tribute to those of us who are pushing society to do better and be better by pushing back the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. It is a focus on softness and strength and vulnerability and resilience. If that sounds good to you, just know that this club is inclusive, so you are free to join.

Quite literally, actually, as they always open submissions before a new issue. If you want to collaborate with them, write a little piece or submit art and/or pictures, you can always contact them on their website!

Lastly, we could not resist talking about one of our favorite issues: the 6th one, titled ‘Girl’s Club’. The name probably tipped you off; this issue focuses on women and celebrates their existence, presence and achievements. It discusses feminine identities, and explores what it means to be a woman today. An important issue featuring gorgeous illustrations and amazing portraits.

Down below, you will find a little excerpt of what you can expect with Compound Butter. Enjoy!


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