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December 3, 2021
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Rebel Has Us Wanting To Start Roller Skating In A Queer Crew

Roller Skating has been a little fantasy of us, to be honest - looks incredibly cool. But getting taught by queer people? Sounds just like the dream. So, meet 'Queer Girls Straight Skates'!

Roller skating is cool, there is no denying it. Dancing while roller skating? Super cool. Getting taught how to take care of your skates and how to slay these dance moves by a fellow queer? Super duper cool.

Rebel is an American roller skater, digital content creator and college teacher in communication studies. She also owns a YouTube channel giving you all the tips you need to skate at a top level AND an online shop, displaying fantastic, queer colored, roller skating related products. Yes, we can safely say that roller skating plays a very important role in her life.

Also, she is in a relationship with fellow roller skater Courtney Shove ('fat_girl_has_moxi' on Instagram) and we are obsessed with this couple. We too dream of dancing together on skates at queer prom - yes, this is a real event that Rebel launched recently, to make up for the proms she could not go to and the proms she could not dance to with the people she loved.

To people asking what girls want, this is it. We want exactly this. Browse down below to learn how to prep your brand new skates, and to discover some of Rebel’s merch!

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