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Linda Nübling
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August 18, 2021
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‘Gurlz with Curlz’: An Aesthetic Space for Black Female Experiences in Germany

Gurlz with curlz stay winning! This photo series by Linda Nübling and Meklit Fekadu Tsige highlights the diversity of German women and celebrates their beauty.

So many women with ethnic backgrounds have a complicated relationship with their natural hair. Either their privacy is invaded (‘Can I touch your hair?’), or they feel pressured to straighten or relax their curls to fit in.

Linda started the project Gurlz with Curlz in Munich in 2017, with the goal of creating a space for Black female experiences in Germany. Since then, Gurlz with Curlz has organised an exhibition, launched a magazine and grown an online community. It is invigorating to see such an initiative, especially in Europe, where discussions around Blackness are still largely ignored.

Photo credits: Meklit Fekadu Tsige and Linda Nübling

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