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October 19, 2022
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Miss T France, Highlighting Trans beauty

Last weekend, in Paris, Miss T France was crowned - Polynesian candidate Khaleesy Mai. This a big step for the LGBTIQ+ cause in France, as it was, more than ever, talked about within the community and the general public.

Miss T France is a beauty/pageant contest that has been taking place since 2019. It aims to offer visibility to trans french women and give them a platform to shine on. It, of course, fights against transphobia and any hate toward the community. The spirit is all about having fun and being inclusive. Contrary to other beauty contests, there are no criteria to enroll, whether physical or social. In fundamental opposition to the classical beauty pageant and thus a pretty militant approach, it is refreshing if we say so ourselves!

Every year, a new miss T France is endorsed and becomes the new face and public advocate for the community's rights.

Their goal is for these women and their peers to take their place in society through visibility and confidence. By taking something that's part of our general culture: pageantry. Doing so gives hope and a glimpse of a future without discrimination and is filled with hope.

Another important thing is that they accompany the candidates, if needed, through their transition process and their personal development in general. Although it wasn't easy in the last editions due to the sanitary crisis, with funds and media coverage inevitably reduced.

This year's winner, Khaleesy Mai, expressed the importance this event had for her and said: "I participated in Miss T France not for my origins and my culture, not for my looks. I participated for the strong woman I am, for the cause and the visibility."

Events like these are essential. The visibility and hope it gives to make a real difference in many people's lives. We have to support them for the incredible impact it has on the public and community. Events like this one for and by the people are what needs to continue to blossom. One can help by donating or just following the project; everything counts!


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