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December 15, 2021
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‘Scottee & Friends’: A Revolution Of Fat, Queer And Fem Babes

Sit down tight, because the ‘Scottee & Friends’ company will shake your world with incredible, queer, fat performances. Be ready for game-changing drag, circus and cabaret performances!

It is the story of Scottee, a self-made writer and artist, who takes pride in not having a formal education background - as he should. As an artistic director, and with the help of executive producer Molly Nicholson, he has written and performed numerous art pieces to be lived, danced and performed, both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to its success, this UK based company has since then grown to welcome more ‘friends’, turning into a collective of amazing artists and performers. Namely, Travis Alabanza, Alexander Innes, Helen Mugridge, Selina Thompson and Charlotte Cooper, to name a few. You can visit their website for a complete list of Scottee’s friends - and they are worth a look!

Also, we are not kidding when we say ‘Scottee & Friends’ will shake your world with their fantastic performances. They advocate for and support marginalized groups who face discrimination due to their gender, sexual orientation, class, bmi and/or mental health. Queers and fat babes of the world, this is for us.

Also, they have been incredibly successful in advocating for marginalized communities’ rights and, for this, they have been featured in many mainstream media. The Guardian, Vice or BBC Radio 4 to name a few. On top of that, the UK theater sector has also recognized their influence and importance in the performance arts. The collective totals a UK Theatre Award nomination and 2 Total Theatre Awards. Amazing, right?

Not to forget their iconic ‘Hamburger Queen’ contest. The idea behind it? A cry of protest against campaigns focused on making fat people thin and enforcing diets. ‘Hamburger Queen’ is a contest by and for fat people, which invites contestants and audience members to rethink their body, as well as their relation with it. it is funny, brilliant, a little weird and immensely queer - all the ingredients to make us fall in love.

Due to the COVID pandemic and what not, the 2021 edition took place online. Which is great news, for once, because you can rewatch it! Browse down below to immerge yourself in queerness, love, and empowerment!

PS: if you love what you see, be ready for their new piece, ‘RISK’ - it is coming soon and it is going to be hot hot hot!

Header credits: Joyce Division, contestant of the Hamburger Queen 2021, immortalized by Beau Blonde


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