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Sara Hini and Cassandra Cacheiro
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August 20, 2021
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Celebrating Womanhood: Sara Hini and Cassandra Cacheiro’s Womanhood Project

The Womanhood Project presents womanhood in all its glory and complexity.⁠ Creators Sara Hini and Cassandra Cacheiro interview women from all walks of life, to explore what it means to be a woman and what are the issues that come with it.

Sex, body image, mental health, motherhood, relationships and many other topics are discussed through personal stories. The Montréal-based pair offer an intimate view into these women’s lives by photographing them in their own environment. Here is one of their features: ⁠

‘The hardest decision I made was to stop hiding my chest hair. To do so I created a project titled the Lavender Project which was about femininity and body hair. This project consisted of me wearing a purple coloured dress I had made showing my chest hair with the motto ‘Power: On montre nos poils avec classe’. I wanted to show that as a woman you can be beautiful with body hair. Going through the constant struggle for over 10 years of having to remove my chest hair or hide it caused my mental health to deteriorate. I had no one to save me. So I had to save myself.’ (Esther)

Photo credits: Cassandra Cacheiro

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