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August 27, 2021
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Lick, The Queer Club For Women and Non-Binary People Of Our Dreams

Lick is a queer club by women, for women and non-binary party-goers in London.

It started out as a monthly club night and now has its own venue: a safe space for gay, bi, queer and trans women and non-binary people to have all the fun! If anyone needed proof that spaces without cis men are crucial for the community, here is one: the night of its launching, the club reached full capacity under an hour!

Lick is also a space where people of colors are welcome and made visible. Founder Teddy Edwardes made sure of it: ‘When I started LICK, there were no girls from these communities in Soho. There just wasn't a place before for mixed-race, black, and Asian women, and nowhere playing the kind of music they like to listen to. I wanted to invite a diverse crowd’. Bonus point, the toilets have free tampons and sanitary towels!

Forced to close during the lockdown, the club has reopened over the summer. Fancy a night out?

Photo credits: Chanel Moye⁠


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