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Meet My Mama
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September 2, 2021
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Meet My Mama: Uplifting Mamas From All Over The World Through Cooking

‘Meet My Mama’ is a French company whose goal is to uplift, accompany, train and integrate thousands of migrant women skilled in the culinary arts.

These Mamas come from all over the world: Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America or Europe, and bring with them recipes that have been passed down through generations. ⁠Meet My Mama is determined to put the spotlight back on them, while promoting a more inclusive, sustainable and responsible way to envision food.

The company also provides catering for events, organizes workshops and offers delicious weekly menus delivered to your home. Started in 2017 by three friends, Donia Souad Amamra, Loubna Ksibi et Youssef Oudahman, the business quickly grew and attracted clients like Louis Vuitton, Google and Danone!

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