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October 15, 2021
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Embark On An Epic Quest With a Polite Dragon And An Ace Knight

‘The mayor would not accuse anyone without proof and called in the help of the local knight to launch an investigation. This stocky young man had spent the past year by the side of Ladys Edelweiss, the old knight who was respected by everyone for her adventures throughout the kingdom’ (The Dragon Of Ynys, 2020)

Are you a lover of dragon quests and knights, but tired of reading heteronormative books? Well, we may have found just what you are looking for: ‘The Dragon of Ynys’.

Revised and republished in September 2020, this novel by Minerva Cerridwen tells the story of Sir Violet, a knight who has to negotiate with the town dragon to retrieve stolen objects belonging to the villagers. It is a bit tedious, but the dragon is polite and always ready to give back what he stole, so it is not so bad after all. Except when one day, the dragon kidnaps a person.

It is too much for Sir Violet, who embarks on a quest, accompanied by the missing baker’s wife (and yes, the baker is a woman). As mysteries unfold, our hero will be joined on his quest by the dragon himself. Oh, and have we mentioned that the hero is aromantic and asexual? And that his sidekicks are lesbian and trans? How amazing is that!? Oh, the things we would have done to get that kind of book when we were younger.

The good news is: it is never too late. So go buy yourself a copy of the book and embark on an epic journey full of LGBTQIA+ characters. As fall is coming and temperatures are dropping, what sounds better than a good read with a hot tea and the sound of the rain hitting your window?

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