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October 31, 2021
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‘This Is What Asexual Looks Like’: Portraits Edition

Discover the Instagram account fighting to give asexual folks more representation. Spoiler alert: real cuteness will ensue.

‘This is what asexual looks like’ is a hashtag founded by Yasmin Benoit, famous model and asexual activist. The goal was to shed light on an often ignored part of the LGBTQIA+ community, namely asexual people. Indeed, it is very hard to find asexual representation in media.

This hashtag inspired many other people to work to give asexual people more visibility. And this is how the ‘Asexual Looks’ Instagram account was created. The principle is simple: if you are asexual and want to be a part of the movement, you fill in a Google form and send you pictures of yourself. The goal is to show the beauty and diversity of the asexual community.

Also, did we mention that the portraits are accompanied by a shower of love and compliments by the owner of the account? Here is one example:

‘Jasmina has some absolutely stunning eyes, beautiful lashes and they are so perfectly framed by those brilliant brow. Your hair is also adorable, and suits your style so well!’ (Jasmina’s portrait, she/her, from the ‘Asexual Looks’ Instagram account)

How cute is that!?

So, help spread the love and have a look at their Instagram account! But before you leave, you can have a look at some fabulous asexual people’s portraits right down below.


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