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January 1, 2022
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Marsha Elle Is Advocating For Disabled People’s Visibility

On this website, we talk a lot about visibility, be it bi, trans, non-binary, gay, feminist, BIPOC or fat visibility. Because representations matter. And it is true that disabled representation is not exactly stellar in our society. Well, Marsha Elle is changing that.

We live in an ableist society. This means that people living with a disability are systematically discriminated against: workplaces, public spaces, buildings, apartments, toilets, train stations, nothing is rendered accessible. And this is only speaking about physical accessibility - we cannot really say that the picture is better for people living with a mental illness.

And it is time to change that. It is time to hear what people living with a disability have to say. It is time to hear what they need, what we can change and what we can do better. It is time we stop excluding them, infantilizing them, discriminating them or glorifying them - yes, because the super heroic, motivational discourse about people living with a disability, often accompanied with ‘I could never’ is not any better.

So, today, we are listening to what Marsha has to say. This bionic model, singer-songwriter, and disability inclusion speaker is existing loudly and unapologetically and we are here for it. She is posting pictures of herself showing her body to advocate for more inclusion in body representation. Because, as we have said before: all bodies are good bodies.

And just like the body positivity movement should include more representation of fat people, it should also include more disabled bodies. Which is why we could not resist but add some of Marsha’s beautiful photographs down below!

Marsha is also asking for people living with a disability to be given more places at the table and more importance overall - by the way, if you are asking, of course this queen is adding image description to her posts for more accessibility.

Also, as we have already mentioned, on top of being a model and an activist, Marsha is also a singer and songwriter. And she has a beautiful voice. Our advice? Go listen to her songs! Because it is important, and because she is really good.


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