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June 25, 2024
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"This Way to Change": Jezz Chung’s guide to Transformation

Change is rarely an easy process. Artist, poet, and activist Jezz Chung (they/them) knows this well. Their new book, This Way to Change. This book is a compassionate guide to personal and cultural transformation, encouraging readers to embrace the complexities of change and the power of collective liberation.

In September 2020, Chung left their job to focus on their health and creative passions. After years of burnout, they needed time to reflect on their life’s direction. This period of introspection led them to explore various topics, including race, gender, disability, power, privilege, astrology, trauma, and lifestyle design.

It’s during this period that This Way to Change was born. A collection of poems, prose, and practices aimed at guiding readers through personal transformation while focusing on cultural change. Chung’s experiences as a neurodivergent, queer, Korean American individual inform their work, making the book a universal tool for self-healing and collective liberation.

Finding queer community for the first time was a significant change in their life. Building meaningful friendships as an adult can be challenging but rewarding, especially when those friendships are based on shared values and collective action.

Writing This Way to Change involved moments of joy and difficulty. The piece, "LET LOVE BE LOUD," was inspired by a joyful day with friends, while "CONFESSIONS," written during a "Writing with Vulnerability" class, pushed Chung to confront their deepest fears.

There is a misconception that healing from systemic oppression must be immediate and perfect. Chung reminds readers that systems like white supremacy and capitalism have been entrenched for centuries, and healing is a lifelong practice.

Chung hopes readers find value in the wisdom and information they’ve compiled in This Way to Change. The book is designed to be accessible, filled with stories and practical advice, aiming to support readers on their personal journeys.


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