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November 17, 2021
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Habibitch Said Habibye To Racism On The Dancefloor

Ah, France and its straight out denial of the consequences of colonization. Well, it will not fly anymore. Not while Habibitch is still dancing.

We have already talked a little bit about voguing through the KIKI documentary and the ballroom scene in Europe, with EatSlayLove in Austria and Pozqueer in Poland. Remember, the dance born in spaces queer and and people of color created for themselves because they were excluded from other spaces? Yeah. Today, we are going to talk about it some more. Because, how can we not when Habibitch exists?

This queer, lesbian, non-binary, intersectional, antiracist performer and choreographer and godmother of the House of Gorgeous Gucci is using putting dance floors back in the political scene and voguing to deconstruct racism. One of her latest pieces is actually called ‘Decolonize the Dancefloor’ - and it is so powerful they were invited to perform it all over the world: France, Switzerland, the UK, the USA… They are also coming up with a brand new performance and we cannot wait to see it!

In addition to the dance performances and related workshops, Habibitch is also giving conferences on racism and decolonization, as well as speaking up against the racist, binary and fatphobic elements of today’s beauty standards. Oh, and did we mention that they walked for fashion designer Ester Manas, as well as appeared in the French documentary ‘Queer et fier(ce)’ (2019), exploring the French ballroom scene? Do not forget to wear your crown, Majesty!

You can browse the gallery below to see some of their most fierce looks. We have also included a video of them dancing if you want to see them in action: they are the first to perform.


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