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September 28, 2021
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Kate’s Drawings Are Creating A Fat Positive Narrative

Once upon a time, there was an artist drawing fat, hot and queer babes (and we fell in love with her illustrations).

Kate is a visual artist from Manchester who uses her art to speak up against oppressions. Indeed, one of her goals is to fight against fatphobia by creating a fat positive narrative.

Fatphobia refers to the discrimination of people based on their body fat. It can be interpersonal (for instance, people mocking someone on the street because they are fat) or institutional. This means that fat people get hired at a lesser rate than people deemed thin and have more difficulties getting a place to live.

Fat people also earn less and are denied access to certain spaces (restaurants, transports, amusement parks, etc.) because the furniture and equipment are not adapted to their bodies. They are also at a higher risk of severe health complications, because doctors and nurses focus more on their weight than on the reason why they are seeking medical care in the first place. Plus, many fat people have been treated so badly by medical teams that they would rather suffer at home than go to a hospital when they experience a medical issue.

So, do not be an ass and stop participating in fatphobia. Stop shaming people for their weight and stop buying in the narrative that fat people are just lazy and that they all have health issues. These stereotypes only reinforce diet culture, and it is harming everyone.

Another of Kate’s fights is feminism. To this end, she has made a series of prints featuring important women in art, science and activism. The prints feature portraits and names of women who have revolutionized their domain, but who have been erased from our collective memory by  patriarchal history.

If you are interested in these themes, have a look at her art - trust us, it is worth it!

Image credits: Katydid These

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