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October 17, 2021
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Women’s Self Defence Network Teaches You To Fight Back

Recent studies have shown that 100% of women (NB: to our knowledge, the studies have been conducted on cis women only) have been harassed in the streets.

From catcalling to sexual aggression or men taking up all public space (studies have actually shown that men use public infrastructures far more than women - and again, cis people), the streets often do not feel safe for women. And sadly, it is also true for other public spaces such as bars, transports or cinemas, and private spaces, like at home or at work.

If you have been raised like a girl, chances are, you have been taught to keep quiet and accept pretty much everything. Because of this, it can be hard to listen to yourself and set boundaries sometimes. You may have been taught that your desires are less important than those of the men around you; or that you should not get angry, because it will only lead to more problems and violence.

Well, that is not true. You have the right to set your boundaries and you have the right to be angry when people do not respect them. And Women’s Self Defence Network is here to help you do just that. Founded by an Australian couple, Rachel and Tristan, this organization aims to empower women and to help them stay safe. They offer classes (one on one coaching, webinars, events, etc.), as well as free tips and strategies. For instance, they have a detailed document on how to feel safe when you travel alone. They even have a podcast! So, whatever you might need to help you feel safe, Women’s Self Defence Network will have a solution for you.

Indeed, it is much more than a martial art class: it teaches you to become aware of your knowledge and skill sets, in order to help you avoid physical confrontations and, if all else fails, how to defend yourself and survive a violent confrontation. Go visit their website to learn more about their values and methods And who knows, you might even subscribe for a webinar!

The co-founder of the organization, Rachel, also talks about her recently diagnosed breast cancer, which she is ready to fight back. And as it is the month of October, this is your reminder to check your breasts and stay safe!


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