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February 11, 2022
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Breaking The Mould: Sinéad Burke’s Fight For Inclusion

Here at BØWIE, we are firm believers in building a more inclusive world together. As such, it seems only natural that we should highlight the work of activists sharing the same goal. Meet Sinéad Burke.

Sinéad Burke is an Irish writer, speaker, lecturer and social media activist. She fights for more inclusion in the world in general and in the fashion industry in particular. As we have seen with countless other projects, such as Tzef Montana, Amber Dawn or Anais Behrens, many people from diverse backgrounds are fighting to eradicate discrimination in the fashion industry.

Well, Sinéad is joining the fight with a special focus on including people living with a disability. As she points out, disabled is not a bad word. Disabled people exist and they deserve to find their place in the world - and in fashion. It is for this very reason that she has created ‘Tilting the Lens’, a consulting organization that provides accessibility solutions.

One very important point of ‘Tilting the Lens’, is that it does not simply offer inclusive solutions - which, honestly is already great and much-need. The organization does much more than that: it builds inclusive solution not for disabled people, but WITH disabled people, thus consulting the people directly impacted by discrimination and inclusion solutions.

Also, remember that whole statement about Sinéad ‘breaking the mould’? Well, that is to be taken quite literally. Indeed, she has written a children’s book, titled ‘Break The Mould’: How To Take Your Place In The World’. It teaches very important lessons about empathy and how everyone has something unique to bring to make the world a better place.

On top of that, Sinéad is very active in the media as well, be it through her ‘As Me with Sinéad’ podcast, focusing on how to become more empathic and the importance of language and interviewing celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Hozier and Victoria Beckham; through her ‘Extraordinary Women’ feminist interview series, which features inspiring and important women and redefines the  conversation about women in the media; or through her TedTalk speech titled ‘Why design should include everyone’.

All in all, an incredibly successful woman and prolific activist who is fighting to make the voice of disabled people heard, valorizing education to challenge the status quo and create opportunities for the most vulnerable. Browse down below to discover her work!

Header credits: The Observer


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