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August 26, 2021
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Giving Violence and Human Trafficking Victims Opportunities to Succeed: AnnieCannons’ Mission

AnnieCannons’ goal is meaningful: ‘Transforming survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence into software engineers’. The US-based nonprofit organization teaches coding to survivors of human trafficking and gender-base violences.

Creating economic emancipation is an essential step to break the cycle of abuse and exploitation. AnnieCannons provides a new start for those who were belittled, ignored and made to feel like they were not intelligent enough to make it on their own. As their training program assumes no previous experience with technology, even total beginners can apply!

AnnieCannons also brings more racial and gender diversity in the software industry. This is another important aspect of their work, as studies have shown that AI technology presents the same biases as the humans who created it. For instance, face recognition applications have a harder time recognizing people of colours’ faces than white people’s faces. Bringing more diversity to the field is crucial!

Image credits: AnnieCannons

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