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March 29, 2022
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Go Grrrls collective sets Bangkok’s dancefloor on fire

Since 2013, the queer underground DJ collective Go Grrls has been taking over Bangkok’s clubbing stage. Bringing together the gay and lesbian scenes, the collective aims to create a safe space for everyone while having a blast!

Go Grrrls emerged in 2013 under the impulse of three women: Dookie, Mae Happyair, and Cleo P. The three DJs were tired of the male-dominated DJ scene in Bangkok, and wanted to play the music they truly enjoyed. They felt an inclusive environment was lacking in Thailand’s party scene, so they came up with their own. Its first goal was female empowerment, but it expanded to LGBTQI+ pride.

When Dookie traveled to Melbourne, Australia, she discovered its open queer scene. She felt the clear separation between gays, lesbians and straight people in the Bangkok clubbing scene was a missed opportunity, and wanted Go Grrrls to fill the gap.

At the Go Grrrls’s nights, you can hear hip-pop, pop, rock, techno, and everything in between. The three DJs have diverse and complementary tastes: Dookies plays electro-pop, indie rock, and disco, while Mae Happyair prefers house and techno. As for Plern Soraya Alam, a.k.a. DJ Cleo P, she enjoys pop and hip-hop and recently founded Thai Hop, an artist management and booking agency for young hip-hop acts.

The three enjoy playing under-the-radar music just as much as mainstream pop, and like not to stick to one setup or production. Their sets are diverse, with drag shows and performances. Go Grrrls also makes sure that their events are safe and free of harassment, doing everything in their power to make everyone feel secure.

One of Go Grrrls’s turning points was the Wonderfruit festival in December 2019. Held in Pattaya, the festival was a huge success, proving the expansion of the queer scene in Thailand. In 2022, after almost 10 years of existence, Go Grrrls’s events are still going strong. Support the collective and find out about their next events on their social media!


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