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August 24, 2021
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Ache Magazine: a Publication by and for Women, Trans People and Non-binary People

Ache Magazine is an intersectional magazine that publishes fiction, poetry and art made by women, trans and non-binary people. Founded in 2017, its goal is to create an inclusive space for women, trans and non-binary people to tell their own stories.

Health, illness and pain are central topics addressed in the magazine - hence the name ‘Ache’. Indeed, our health system is dominated by white men: drug testing is conducted essentially on white men, skin diseases are only depicted on white skin, and men are the majority of doctors and surgeons. The magazine aims to open the discussion on the subject, in order to fight prejudices and misconceptions.

Ache is completely independent and relies only on sales to keep producing and printing the magazine. You can support the artists and writers behind it by purchasing one of their issues, or their book ‘Cusp’, a collection of feminist stories, essays and poetry that explore what it is like to live in a body haunted by illness and pain.

Photo credits: Ache Magazine

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