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Giada Santana & Clara Palmisano
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February 8, 2022
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‘Material Girl$’: The Podcast Empowering Women’s Voices

We have said it over and over and we will say it again: women’s voices are muffled down in our societies. Our realities are not told - to the point that sometimes we do not even have the words to describe it. Today, we are focusing on two women who are determined to change this.

Ah, the patriarchy. We are not going to lie, sometimes it feels like no matter how much we speak about it, we will never finish telling all the issues and problems that it causes in our daily lives. Small ripples that grow and affect us in ways we are not always conscious of.

Small fun fact of the day: with the access to the PMA (medically assisted procreation) granted to all cis women in France - yes, it is 2022 and trans women are still forbidden to have biological children - hospitals are noticing a drastic increase in the number of single women wanting to access it. So much so, in fact, that they are not equipped to deal with how many women want to have a child on their own. Props the questions of why so many straight women would rather have a child on their own, rather than with men, uh?

But, let us go back to our topic of the day: the ‘Material Girl$’ podcast. Founded by Giada Santana and Clara Palmisano and produced by ‘Empower Her* Voice’, this podcast is here to create a space to discuss women’s realities. A space to address intersectional feminism, without the gibberish of the Academic Talk.

Instead, Giada and Clara’s goal is to uncover the daily struggles brought about by the patriarchy, like violence, discrimination, harassment in the work place and many other consequences of the system. They create a space where women can come and give their point of view on any kind of subject - often, linked to recent political events. If you think about it, how often do you hear women give their opinion and expertise on current events? Yeah, us neither.

The ‘Material Girl$’ podcast is doing inestimable work in this respect. And might we add, we particularly love Episode 4, titled ‘A room of one's own: women in business and entrepreneurship with CEO Rania Seddik’ - yes, the reference to Virginia Woolf is intended. Giada, Clara and their guest explore the necessity for women to be able to have a space to sustain themselves and pursue their own career. A very interesting dive in Rania’s life and work!


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