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December 10, 2021
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‘If You Change Your Mind’, The Teen, Gay Romcom Of Your Dreams

No, it is not a fiction on ABBA. Probably as catchy as the famous Swedish’s group song, ‘If You Change Your Mind’ is Robby Weber’s first novel. 

Today, we are coming with a book recommendation. Because we do not just watch movies, we read books too. Sometime ago, we talked about Leah Johnson’s novel, ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’. Remember? It was a classic teenage story about prom and getting accepted into the college of your dreams, but like, bisexual. Well, Robby’s novel is similar in this sense: take a classic coming of age trope, but make it queer.

‘If You Change Your Mind’ tells the story of Harry. Harry is sure of one thing: he wants to write screenplays for Hollywood - we must admit it, as teens we were more concerned with finishing the year and making it alive to the summer break, but you go Harry!

Mind you, Harry had his heart broken last summer. Convinced that love only exists in movies and determined to get over Grant, Harry decides to focus on his dream of becoming a screenplay writer. So, he vows to avoid all distractions and to focus on his grades, to be able to secure a spot in the college of his dreams. 

But - there is always a but - Grant makes a sudden come back in his life. And, at the same time, Harry finds himself more and more attracted to sweet, charming Logan. Oh, no. 

What will Harry do? Will he pursue his dream of screenplays? Will he fall for the boys? Who will he choose? Life, after all, is not a script - things can get messy and complicated. But do not worry: Robby guarantees the novel if full of queer joy! A welcome change from the angsty coming out trope, if you ask us!

To find out what happens next, you can pre-order Robby’s book: it will be out at the beginning of May 2022 and we cannot wait. But because we love you and we care about you, here is an excerpt of the first chapter (courtesy of Vogue, September 2021):

‘Hot guys are the best part of summer. Pastel ice cream scoops, lemonade-like sunshine, and sea salt strung hair are staples, but there’s something about guys with sandy calves and strong, tanned arms wearing low-hanging swimsuits.

Honestly, I love everything about summer. The warmth, the way my mom stocks the freezer with the variety pack of popsicles—cherry for Milly, grape for Lottie, and orange for me. There’s new music and the feeling of going into a cold movie theater on a hot day. And, yeah, the guys. Everywhere you look, there’s a hot guy. It’s like that Oprah meme—you get a hot guy, you get a hot guy, everybody gets a hot guy!

I can absolutely appreciate all of the six-packs and dimples, but only as long as I keep my eye on the prize and stay focused. My mom always says fortune favors the determined… Or something like that.

And I am determined. I have two weeks and six days to finish and submit my screenplay before the Reel Sunshine competition deadline, which is totally doable.

My whole future depends on it. No pressure.

Damn, there really are attractive men everywhere—lying out at the pool or, past the iron gate and sandy walkway, stretching across the volleyball court down on the beach. It’s like in summer, hot guys get even hotter. It’s the sweat and the bronzed abs.

I don’t do the whole dating thing anymore, so this summer really is the equivalent of scrolling through the Calvin Klein Instagram or something—purely about the visual.

Getting close to a boy leads only to heartbreak, disappointment, and—most importantly—distraction from one’s goals. See, most people spend their high school years searching for their great romance. One like in the movies. But I’ve already had mine, and TSwift’s “Death by a Thousand Cuts” was my top song on Spotify last year, so I’m good.

Maybe once I’ve secured my spot at USC. Actually, maybe once I’ve gotten an internship at a studio. By then I won’t even remember Grant Kennedy or what heartbreak feels like and I’ll be able to spend a little bit more time focused on romance.

(‘If You Change Your Mind’, Robby Weber)


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