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October 25, 2021
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‘Loveless’: A Coming-Of-Age Tale About Friendship, Love and Asexuality

We are not going to lie, we were rooting for Otis in Sex Education to be asexual - because asexual main characters? Yeah, that is not something you see very often. But do not despair, we might have something in stock for you…

Alice Oseman is a young illustrator, author and screenwriter from England. She has published a few books for young adults, including the ‘Heartstopper’ series and some spin-offs. She has also published stand alone novels, and one of them in particular has caught our attention: ‘Loveless’.

‘Loveless’ tells the story of Georgia. Georgia is obsessed with romantic fanfics, but she has never been with someone - in fact, she has not even kissed anyone yet. Still, Georgia is determined to stay optimistic about meeting someone. So, when she leaves her hometown to start university, she decides the time has come. She will live her teenage dream and meet her first (romantic) love.

But it turns out, finding love is not as simple as expected for Georgia and a dramatic (but still funny) succession of errors ensues. So, when the words ‘asexual’ and ‘aromantic’ come up, it leads Georgia and her friends to question the concept of romance altogether. Is this really the only way to express love? (Spoiler alert: it is not.)

Embark on this warm and witty journey to self-acceptance alongside Georgia to discover the book that won the 2021 YA Book Prize. And who knows? Maybe you will learn a little something about yourself.

PS: if you would love to read more books with asexual main characters, you can check this awesome project as well: 'The Dragon Of Ynys'.

Photo credits: Alice Oseman


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