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Thomas Leblanc and Tranna Wintour
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December 24, 2021
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'Chosen Family' Is Our Go-To Queer And Supportive Podcast

Your given family can be… a bit much sometimes. Luckily we have our chosen families, the friends that will see you through thick and thin and remind you that productive, nice conversations are not only a random occurrence but actually quite possible.

If you are looking for such a group, COVID might have thwarted your plans. Luckily, like any good member of our generation, we turn to podcasts as a coping mechanism. ‘Chosen family’ is that podcast. A place where you can feel like you are having an open and fun talk with your friends.

The podcast, hosted by queer, cosmically-destined BFFs Thomas Leblanc and Tranna Wintour, is the laugh out loud experience you sometimes need, brought to you by the pair’s excellent comedic chops.

This is not to say that the conversation is always light. As a matter of fact, it often deals with pretty deep subjects. With the help of their weekly guest, Thomas and Tranna try to explore a specific facet of the queer experience. From the right to be ordinary, depression, boundaries, gender representations in the media and in ourselves, and the list goes on.

The value of the podcast, in our opinion, is not only the lovely and open banter, but the subjects they pick and choose to focus on. These are not your standard LGBTQI+ talking points -  you have heard (and probably lived) those. Instead, the episodes focus on feelings that are rarely addressed.

The astounding number of times this podcast had us going ‘oh, I feel that way too, wow, thought I was the only one. Thanks for putting it into words’ is proof that the show is at least worth a listen.

As a bonus, this podcast will hook you up with an amazing bunch of projects and artists out there, a never ending well of talent you can always delve into when you need it. We particularly recommend the episode on the art of thriving, as well as the ‘queer is the new straight’. Go listen!


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